Inspiratum as a Theme Camp

Inspiratum from a distance provides a 46’ signaling tower that adds to the skyline not only a beacon to find your way home but also a signaling tool for the Exploratorium Mutant Vehicle. If the arms are up, the Exploratorium is out and about, if the arms are down the Exploratorium is in camp, and if one arm is up and the other down, then the Exploratorium is expected to return to camp.

The Crossbow Shooters are the interactive piece of Inspiratum.Seven crossbows cover 10,000 square feet of playa with a fun opportunity to see if the passer by can get the glow sticks to shoot all the way to the top of the tower and ring the bell.Day and night the whooshing sound of the shooters entertains the courtyard.



The Courtyard itself is a place to delight in the various art bikes and art cars that are resident in Exploratoirum.  The famous Lizard (or Robot Dog), Chopper, Squidd, Xanadu, The Bitch, Wheelie Bike, Sunny, Gorilla, and the Storm Cruiser are some of these wild machines.  Mutant Vehicles such as the Exploratorium, Burning Cloud Lounge, and Frog also call this home.


Hammocks hang between palm trees in the Courtyard to provide a comfy place to crash day and night.  Around the perimeter of the Courtyard is camped a few of the characters of Inspiratum including Jay and his guitar which is capable of taming wild beasts, Captain Chuck’s garage which is a common meeting place when work needs to be done of all sorts.


The Dead Pirate Lounge sits in the shade as ten unique chairs around a round table where people are welcome to plant for awhile and engage in solitude or socialization.  Beyond the Lounge is Zoom Zoom’s Kitchen where everything is ready to prep some food or get a drink.


ToR’s Tower rises above the Courtyard as an icon in the air.  18’ off the ground is a Penthouse Lounge for overlooking the Playa day and night.  A cable couch lift elevates visitors to the Penthouse for this unique experience.  A roof protects from sun during the day along with a battery of misters that rains a cool mist.  Above the penthouse rises the signal tower.  At 38’ above the ground is the signaling device for the Exploratorium.


Beyond ToR’s Tower and into camp is an eclectic mix of shade structures, interactive art, and creative people of all sorts.  A trip through this camp is much like touring a zoo and an art gallery at the same time.



Inspiratum Mission Statement


Inspiratum – Derived from Inspirat (inspiration) and –tum (derived from or as a result of), a place void of politics where the mind is free to be inspired from the work, the ambition, and the creative acts of others.  Inspiratum is the Flux that surrounds the camp, an invisible goo of inspirational energy that leaks through your eyes and ears and inserts that thought in your head, “That is cool, I want to build ______” or , “I want Storm to paint my body tonight.”


Inspiratum is a place for individuals to gather and collectively share their art, their engineering, their creativity, their spirit, and their space.  Inspiratum is a demonstration of the power of liberty and freedom and all that results from this openness.


What is not found in Inspiratum is Camp Fees, Camp Politics, Camp Meetings, Camp Obligations, Group Food, or obligation to cater to others.


The way this works and the only way such a camp may peacefully exist is through the contribution of the inhabitants.  These are rugged individuals who have joined the camp knowing well that they will be responsible for their own food, their own cleanliness, and their own happiness. 


What is found in Inspiratum are people who truly thrive on gifting.  Someone may cook a big meal and chose to share it with everyone who happens to be in camp at the time or someone else may take on the responsibility of setting up a shower, or a kitchen, or a signal tower.  These are all gifts and should be received as such.  Nobody was asked or told to do these things.  If you receive something in Inspiratum it is a result of the spirit of gifting.  Take that morsel, that beverage, that time on the tower, or that time lounging to appreciate this collection of individuals and consider what you feel your contribution is.


If this is your year to chill out and relax or if you are a newbie looking to immerse yourself in the Burn without camp worries you are welcome too.  There are few expectations in Inspiratum aside from respecting your neighbor and appreciating all that Inspiratum and its inhabitants have to offer.



(coming soon)



The Inspiratum map is tentative at best and is really a guideline to help with registration.  Fuel has to be reported in certain areas and the tower/courtyard will certainly be on the corner but other than that it all might change when we get there.


Placement within the camp will happen much on a first come, first served basis.  If people want a big chunk of real estate or a specific location they should show up early to claim it.  Camp will fill in fast this year.



Art Bikes


The Gorilla, the new genius by the eccentric artist, Marek.


The Trike by Marek, shown here in the Chronicle with credit being stolen by Captain Chuck.  There is no honor among artists.




New for 2004, the Chopper is another Marek creation.


The infamous Squidd by Captain Chuck.  Much of this machine was constructed on the playa and the historical instability is a testament to that.

Dharma’s bike Sunny.


Until the Gorilla arrives in the Esplanade Jungle, the Lizard reigns supreme.  Commonly known as the ‘Robot Dog’ this kit is available at Wal Mart or via mail order for $39.95.


<no pic yet>

Xanadu, a creation for 2004 is a side by side glitter clad cruiser that can be steered from either position but needs two people for stability.  Another Captain Chuck instability innovation!


Storm Cruiser


<no pic yet>

Marek’s Bitch


<no pic yet>

New for 2006, Jay enters the art bike arena with ‘Wheelie Bike’




Mutant Vehicles


Exploratorium by Captain Chuck and the Coliseum Elves


Frog, by Mateo


<no pic yet>

Burning Cloud Lounge by Zoom Zoom and Nova.








RV’s and Trailers


This list is maintained to make sure that RV’s have street access for servicing and also to help find room for large vehicles to park.


Jay’s Trailer


Zoom Zoom’s 5th wheel


Storm’s Trailer



ToR’s Tower

ToR’s Tower is a 40’ erection that rises above camp.  At night the signal arms on top pierce through the night with high intensity LED lights.  These arms act as a signal with the arms up whenever the Exploratorium is out and about, down when the Exploratorium is in camp, and one up and one down is a signal for the Exploratorium to return to camp.


Glowstick shooters by Jay streak up cables and ring a bell at the 35’ point of the tower day and night.


This year the lookout deck will become an penthouse lounge complete with a couch lift.


In the past this tower actually functioned as a water tower, providing water pressure in camp.  That function has yielded to fancy little 12 Volt pumps but was a primary function of ToR’s Tower in the day.






Dead Pirate Lounge

A great place to chill out provided by Storm.


Zoom Zoom’s Kitchen

<no pic yet>


Zoom Zoom provides this fine facility of culinary creation for all to enjoy.  Please help keep it clean if you choose to use it.


Jay’s Palm Tree Hammock Experience

Lounge in the hammock in the Inspiratum Courtyard


Inspiratum Courtyard

Under the shadow of ToR’s tower is the Inspiratum Courtyard.  Here, art bikes, palm trees, mutant vehicles, Burning Man Action figures, and assorted creations cover the area in Inspiratum goo.  Located on a corner to give the shooters maximum access.


Chop Shop Dome


Storm’s Public Shower of Power



Flying Spaghetti Monster Shrine







This list of facilities are items that have been gifted by the various contributors.  As with all things in Inspiratum, there is no obligation to bring these resources and no cost associated with their use.  Sincere appreciation and thanks are always welcome to those who have been generous enough to take the time and spend the money to make these things happen.




Power Grid(s)

Grid #1 – Captain Chuck’s EU3000, 3000 Watt generator.  This grid runs during the day to provide air conditioning to Captain Chuck, Marek, and Storm.  Whenever the grid is up the Tower battery is being charged also.  This generator will run also to run power tools or at night to provide extra lighting in camp.


Grid #2 – Zoom Zoom’s mega-loud 5000 Watt generator for heating and cleaning the hot tub.  It is unknown if this unit will return this year.


Grid #3 – No other grids are known at this time but are certain to exist.



Zoom Zoom puts up a shade structure (20’ x 10’) and an excellent kitchen equipped with everything needed to get a meal in the belly.  This sort of a group kitchen can get dirty fast and if you intend to use it you should intend to clean it.  Thanks, Zoom Zoom.


Penthouse Lookout

A lounge in the sky, take the couch lift up into the ToR’s Tower Penthouse Lounge for a view of the city and to watch the glowstick shooters fly.  Have someone put a beverage or two in the hoist and pull it on up.


Fuel Storage

This section of camp is devoted to keeping the fuels safe and in the shade. 

First Aid

In Zoom Zoom’s Kitchen is a First Aid Kit in the event there is a need.  There is also a First Aid Kit aboard the Exploratorium.


Cleaning up during the week

Throughout the week, members of camp should ensure that their garbage is secure from the wind and picked up.  Storm and Captain Chuck will periodically check to make sure that items in camp are secure and that they will not blow away in the wind.

Clean up after the event

Upon departing, each member of camp is expected to sweep the entire camp for garbage, performing the well known grid sweep regardless of who else is in camp.  As each departing camper performs this sweep it should make it easier for each subsequent departing camper.  The goal here is to leave as little as possible for the last people in camp.

Arrival and Departure

The first members of camp will arrive on Friday before the event.  This will allow the weekend for construction of ToR’s Tower and the Exploratorium.


As people arrive they can check in with Captain Chuck or Storm or whoever seems to have the most amount of confidence that they know what is going on and then find a spot.  Reserved spaces will be limited as it seems to bog things down more than help to secure such spaces.


Departure will likely be in the reverse.  As the Tower is the last thing to leave camp, it will come down on Monday and go home on Tuesday after the event.  Everyone is expected to help with camp cleanup.  Yes, this is the one and only obligation of Inspiratum, indulge yourself in your self reliance by making sure nobody else has to clean up after you.  This means cleaning up everything in your area regardless of whether you remember putting it there or not.  Don’t put that obligation on others.





First Aid Kits are located in Zoom Zoom’s Kitchen (behind the tower) and in the Exploratorium. 


Everyone should be aware of the location of the Aid Stations at 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00.


Common sense safety reigns here.  Tent stakes and cables should be clearly marked and keep things safe for everyone.


Fuel Storage

A special section of camp will be set aside for fuel storage.  This helps the DPW people to monitor where the stuff is and whether it is safe.  It also gives a central location where we can make sure to provide shade for containers of fuel such that we don’t have any expansion or explosion issues.